8 year-old jewelry designer Mia Rose creates beautiful one of a kind jewelry and donates 25% of her sales to Heifer International to help fight world hunger. Each donation helps a needy family to develop a sustainable source of nutrition and income and gives them the opportunity to continue to spread hope and health in their community by “passing on the gift” to others.  Through her jewelry business, Mia Rose donated $1,278 in 2010 and she plans to donate $3,000.  Please browse her special designs and help make that goal a reality!

I will post pictures of some of the great things I’m creating very soon.

About MiaRose

I am an 16 year old jewelry designer, gymnast and student with a passion for helping others... I also love reading, animals, drawing and spending time with my friends. I recently recovered from a very serious foot injury called a lisfranc dislocation/fracture in "record time" check out my www.gymnastlisfranc.com blog for that story. Since December 2009, I have been selling my handcrafted jewelry designs and have donated at least 25% of my sales to Heifer International to help fight world hunger. To date, I have donated more than $1,600 to help families in need around the world! I love being able to help other children who don't have enough food to eat or enough money to go to school. I hope that you will check back here regularly to see my latest designs and consider purchasing any pieces that speak to you. I am also always on the lookout for venues to show my designs in person. I am especially looking for solo shows at places like coffee shops or the home of a friend or family member. If you have suggestions or would like to host a show for me, please e-mail.

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